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Open Cabling Services
Information management …..
Communications technology is advancing rapidly to meet the changing needs of business. How can you be sure that the information systems you choose will be able to meet your needs?
… the right place….
You need a flexible, easy to understand cabling system that will grow; a fully integrated system using a wide range of recognised high quality components. But technology itself is not enough.
….at the right time…
Time is money – and while performance and reliability are critical to your success, they can only be achieved through excellent service and support. That is why you should choose a cabling systems partner who understands diverse and particular business needs -–a provider with the knowledge and capability to meet those needs precisely.
World class products – world wide
Based on practical experience of customer requirements S.I.S offer a broad portfolio of both voice and data systems products, provided by key suppliers around the world
Simple, flexible, versatile
Cabling systems should be based on a modular design, making it easy to tailor-make each system to meet specific business requirements. With hundreds of separate components on offer – using the right combination to form a system that can be designed to suit any building and to provide the individual blend of facilities that may be needed at every desk.
Planning for growth
PC-based software can be used to record cable runs and help you develop realistic growth plans. Both single and multi-user versions are available.
The door to open systems
A multi vendor environment calls for common support. Our cabling solutions are compliant with all the hardware manufactures systems and switches, including IBM,DEC,HP,ICL,BT and Cable & Wireless

Complete systems capability
S.I.S. will interface with leading suppliers of sophisticated voice and data communications systems, which will provide the complete range of products and services you need to fully exploit the system. Indeed, our comprehensive package includes consultancy, configuration, project management, installation, maintenance, support and training.

There is no substitute for experience
No company knows more about wiring business for information than S.I.S and no customer knows better than you, how important the right cabling system is for your company. Question: What are S.I.S. offering? Answer: High quality, cost effective, flexible cable systems, ideal for todays multi vendor, multi –protocol support, yet future proof-capable of meeting you needs for years to come.
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